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Winter Car Care 
by Warren | May 1, 2021

Winter is almost upon us! 
As we head into the colder months, it is important you pay some attention to items on your car often forgotten or neglected: 


  • Tyres

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Heater & A/C


Tyres perform the steering, braking and driving for your vehicle and form the only contact between your vehicle and the road. Surprisingly, for all that rubber you see the contact patch is comprised of 4 small patches of rubber about the size of your palm.

If your tyres are worn, under-or over-inflated, you lessen the size of this contact patch and the tyres ability to do its job and pump water through the tread in the rain. This will cause the vehicle to aquaplane or skim over patches of water, restricts your ability to effectively brake and steer, and could possible result in an accident. Call in for a free inspection of your wheels and tyres to avoid any trouble going forward!


Windscreen wipers are those forgotten bits of rubber sitting on your windscreen. Over time, due to the elements, the rubber gets hard and cannot wipe the water from your windscreen leaving streaks and lessening your ability to see. A quick stop at our workshop to have one of my team inspect your wipers might just save you on that dark and rainy night driving home. 

Many of you might be surprised to see the A/C system in this list. However, what a lot of folks don’t realise is that the quickest way to de-fog your cars windscreen on a cold and frosty morning is to run the A/C in conjunction with your heater. The dry air supplied by the A/C will defrost the glass quicker than just warm air alone. Be sure to speak to one of our team about checking the operation of both your A/C and heater.

The other aspect of your heating system that often gets overlooked is the build-up of leaves and debris in the space below your windscreen. Air is drawn from this area to help cool or heat the inside of your car and build up here not only impedes this airflow but can also add unpleasant odor to the air coming in. 


Lastly, please let us know what were doing right but more importantly, if we get it wrong occasionally, so we can continue to improve.

Peakhurst Tyres and Mechanical is here to help keep your car running at its best and we strive to do the best job at the best price at every opportunity.

We wish all our customers a safe and uneventful driving experience and look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the workshop!

- Warren

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